RECORD BREAKING ATTENDANCE.......Excerpts from The Mountaineer:

Republican leaders come together for Fall Harvest Shindig

"BETHEL — Saturday night was a who’s who of Western North Carolina Republicans, from the local level all the way up to national.

The event, a western themed Fall Harvest Shindig, was held at the GOP County Chairman Kenneth Henson’s house featured a barbecue dinner, a cakewalk and games, and country and rock tunes provided by Jody Medford and his band.

Present were local officials, such as County Commissioner Kevin Ensley and District Attorney Ashley Welch, state representatives Mike Clampitt and Michele Presnell, State Senator Jim Davis and even Congressman Mark Meadows, who had to make the trek back up to Washington, D.C. following the event.

Henson said he thinks the shindig was the largest and most successful of that kind that he’s seen. He said the strong turnout and positive atmosphere is indicative of a greater sense of unity which has been fostered since he took over the party."  

See The Mountaineer for full story.

RECORD BREAKING ATTENDANCE: 2017 Haywood County Republican Precinct Meetings


Saturday February 4, 2017

(Bethel, NC) Approximately 225  people attended the Haywood County Republican Party Annual Precinct  Meetings on Saturday, February 4, 2017.   Election of Officers and  Delegates took place to represent the individual precincts at the County  Convention coming on March 11th.

It was the most dynamic and  well attended Republican Precinct meeting ever held in Haywood County.  According to Leo Phillips, District 11 vice chair, “This was the best  attended precinct meeting in the 11th District”.

 The new format involved separating the Precinct Meetings from the  Convention with the added benefit of allowing attendees to get to know  each other on a personal level. Concerns were voiced that it would  produce low turnout, but the attendance records demonstrated otherwise.  The format allowed plenty of time to make decisions without being  rushed. In the past, the meetings were restricted to 30 minutes but this  year, with the large number of attendees – it took over an hour to  complete some of the larger precinct elections. 

Local politics  start at the precinct level. There were dozens of young people engaged  in the process of precinct elections. Others that have lived in Haywood  County all their lives have never seen this level of participation. The  competition for the Precinct leadership and delegate seats was  unprecedented.

Attendees who were engaged in active precinct work  during the 2016 Presidential Election wanted to stay involved. Many  commented that it is time to do their part in “Making America great.” 

 Information regarding the Haywood County Convention in March will be  publicized and open to all Republicans. Voting is limited to elected  Delegates and seated Alternates.

The local leadership decided to  capitalize on the enthusiasm for the Trump phenomenon and encourage  people from all walks of life and all corners of the county to meet  under one roof. There are no ‘factions’ or ‘elites’ – just people that  want to see America great again.